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Developing breakthrough vaccine technologies

Our promise

BunyaVax exploits proprietary technology to develop safe and efficacious vaccines against emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases of animals and humans 

Stably expressing key immunogens 

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The technology

BunyaVax has mastered the art of editing bunyaviruses for medical use.  

BunyaVax develops both live-attenuated vaccines and next-generation replicon vaccines.


The live-attenuated vaccines are genetic variants of wild-type bunyaviruses and optimally combine safety with efficacy.


BunyaVax replicon vaccines can be customized to trigger an immune response against a variety of pathogens.    

Application in animal and human health

The vaccines can be a valuable tool in quickly controlling the spread of virus strains among populations and prevent further transmission

Creating sustained immunity in animals and humans

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Target areas

BunyaVax vaccine technologies are being used to develop vaccines against several infectious diseases, including those listed on the WHO Blueprint list of emerging and re-emerging diseases for which countermeasures are currently lacking. 

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