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Developing breakthrough vaccine technologies

Our promise

BunyaVax exploits proprietary technology to develop safe and efficacious vaccines against neglected diseases of animals and humans 

Combining efficacy

with safety 

© Juha Huiskonen

The technology

BunyaVax has developed proprietary technologies to attenuate bunyaviruses and uses these technologies to develop live attenuated vaccines that optimally combine efficacy with safety. The technologies are also being used to develop diagnostic assays of unmatched specificity and sensitivity. 

BunyaVax prioritizes viral pathogens that affect animal and human health in developing countries and is collaborating with the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) and leading human and animal health pharma. 

Protecting animal and human health

Vaccines continue to be the most effective tool to control epizootics and epidemics, protecting animal and public health. 

Creating sustained immunity in animals and humans

© Juha Huiskonen

Target areas

BunyaVax prioritizes viral diseases caused by  bunyaviruses and other insect- and tick-borne viruses, including those listed on the WHO Blueprint list. Apart from vaccines, BunyaVax is using proprietary technologies to develop innovative diagnostics. 

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