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BunyaVax receives 40k Take-off grant

BunyaVax has been awarded €40k under the NWO Take-off programme. The grant allows BunyaVax to determine the route to market for its swine influenza vaccine.

The Take-off programme allows innovative startup companies to perform feasibility studies for commercialisation of breakthrough technology. Under the scheme, companies can apply for €40k funding. The scheme is managed by NWO (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research).

BunyaVax develops unprecedented Plug & Play vaccine platform technology. The technology allows for cost-effective and rapid generation of vaccines against endemic and newly emerging viruses. The platform is particularly suitable for the prevention of emerging diseases of livestock.

Currently BunyaVax applies its technology to develop a proof of concept swine influenza vaccine. The Take-off funding will be used to make a detailed plan for taking this development to the veterinary vaccine market.

About BunyaVax: BunyaVax is the first company to develop Plug & Play vaccine technology that generates inherently safe and efficacious vaccines within a timeframe of weeks. Especially during outbreaks of new and life-threatening virus strains, rapid and affordable vaccination is essential. The Plug & Play feature allows for introduction of any desired gene into the RNA particle genome. Vaccination with BunyVax RNA particles was shown to induce durable protection against highly pathogenic viruses in both laboratory animals and target animals.

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