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BunyaVax wins innovation award in London

Last week BunyaVax has won the 2018 Innovation Showcase Award at Animal Health Investment Europe. The event, organized by Kisaco Research, took place in London on 20 and 21 February.

A total of 12 companies were in the race for winning the award. They were selected by an expert committee out of 40 applying startup companies in the animal health sector. At the first day of the event, representatives of the 12 companies pitched their business dragons’ den style to a professional jury. The pitches were also spectated by an audience of about 350 people active in the sector. BunyaVax was the fifth in line to present. At the end of the day, the jury unanimously chose BunyaVax as winner of the 2018 innovation award.

The pitch of BunyaVax, titled ‘Shifting gears in vaccine development’ was presented by Prof. Jeroen Kortekaas, CSO of the company. Jeroen introduced the unique RNA particle technology for rapidly generating new vaccines and showed the stage of development. It was the first time that BunyaVax presented its business case to the public.

Animal Health Investment Europe is dedicated to showcasing to investors the most innovative emerging animal health companies covering the companion, aquaculture and production animal space.

The BunyaVax team is proud to have won the award and is encouraged to continue the development of safe and effecacious vaccines.

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