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Rift Valley fever vaccines

RVFV-4s program: Out licensed for veterinary application

In the RVFV-4s program, Bunya LIVE technology was used to develop a vaccine against Rift Valley fever virus (RVFV). RVFV causes severe and recurrent outbreaks among ruminants and humans on the African continent and the Arabian Peninsula and continues to expand its habitat.


Vaccination/challenge experiments with young lambs demonstrated that RVFV-4s induces sterile immunity against after a single administration. The unprecedented safety of the vaccine was demonstrated by administrating an overdose in pregnant ewes during the most susceptible period of gestation. These results show that the RVFV-4s vaccine can be applied safely in pregnant ewes.


The commercial rights for veterinary application of RVFV-4s are licensed to a global animal health company. BunyaVax is currently exploring the potential of RVFV-4s for human application.

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