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BunyaVax featured in 10 Dutch Breakthrough Technologies for 2018

On Thursday 27 September StartupDelta announced their overview of 10 Dutch Breakthrough Technologies for 2018. BunyaVax made it to the list.

This is the first edition of the 10 Dutch Breakthrough Technologies for 2018. The list was presented at CES Unveiled Amsterdam. The top 10 has been compiled in consultation with leading academics, investors and industry experts to showcase the next big dutch breakthrough technologies that will have an impact on our lives.

The article mentions that: “BunyaVax […] have developed a technique to quickly develop vaccines for fast-spreading viruses. Instead of using the virus in the vaccine, a piece of genetic material (RNA) of the virus is used. This piece of RNA will settle in the cell and will cause the cell to produce virus proteins, causing the defense system of the cell to go to work. In 2018 the technology will be tested for the first time by vaccinating pigs for pigs influenza.”

Read the entire article here:

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