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Vaccines for emerging infectious diseases

Bunya RNA 3: preclinical development

In the past two decades, the world has experienced a remarkable increase in the frequency and size of viral epidemics. Several recent events have shown that epidemic preparedness programs still need large improvements. Especially in emergencies, rapid vaccine development and immunization of the at-risk population is essential.


BunyaVax is forwarding a radically new technology for rapidly generating vaccines against newly identified viruses, and thereby offers a platform that can be deployed in the early stages of an outbreak. A unique feature of the proprietary vaccine technology is that it allows for generation of novel vaccines against emerging infectious diseases (EID) within a timeframe of 16 weeks from antigen identification to clinical evaluation.


The novelty rests in a unique combination of the following features:

  • Capable of generating inherently safe vaccines

  • Can be easily adapted to stably express novel pathogen-derived antigens due to plug-and-play character

  • Vaccines can be developed quickly with plug-and-play method and manufactured under cost-effective conditions

  • Developed to provide protection in animals and humans

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